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Thermostatic Electric

Thermostatic Electric


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Thermostatic Electric Only Option: to be added to chosen towel rail


Once you have chosen your desired radiator, choose your electric option. The cost of your chosen electric option should be added to the cost of the radiator. Your radiator is then converted into a sealed electric unit, ready to be connected to your electric power supply.


The Thermostatic Electric option comes with an adjustable temperature controller which regulates the temperature of the radiator and can be used with a compatible remote control.


The elements used in Thermostatic Electric options are rated IPX5.


Matching Cable Cover Included.


2 Year Guarantee on Electric Options

  • Product Information

    Product Code Model (W) Finish
    RXEL-120WTHR-ch 120W Chrome
    RXEL-200WTHR-ch 200W Chrome
    RXEL300WTHR-ch 300W Chrome
    RXEL-400WTHR-ch 400W Chrome
    RXEL-600WTHR-ch 600W Chrome
    RXEL-120WTHR-wh 120W White
    RXEL-200WTHR-wh 200W White
    RXEL-300WTHR-wh 300W White
    RXEL-400WTHR-wh 400W White
    RXEL-600WTHR-wh 600W White
    RXEL-120WTHR-bl 120W White
    RXEL-200WTHR-bl 200W White
    RXEL-300WTHR-bl 300W White
    RXEL-400WTHR-bl 400W White
    RXEL-600WTHR-bl 600W White


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